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After 6 years, MY TOWN Magazine continues to be the state’s only National / International Digital Magazine. It is also the largest Digital circulation magazine in the state.

MY TOWN Magazine inspires travel to the different states in Australia.  Whether, in the digital magazine, on the website, or across any of MY TOWN Magazines media platforms – this mission is the same.

MY TOWN Magazine seeks to bring Australia, a beauty, places, culture, food, people and stories to life in a way that makes the visitors’ experience deeper, richer and more authentic.

MY TOWN Magazine reaches Travel enthusiasts locally, nationally and internationally.  With each monthly issue, MY TOWN provides insight into how to experience the best the States have to offer. The magazine helps readers plan for new vacations and fondly remember past ones. Through our stories, readers experience Australia in more depth, gaining an understanding of history, culture and landscape.

MY TOWN Magazine is primarily subscriber based. We have 77,000 total subscribers across Australia and the world.

MY TOWN Magazine provides its more than 73,000 readers per issue with an intelligent and well-informed connection to the Australia. If you are planning a trip or simply reliving memories, MY TOWN Magazine will remind you why Australia is the most extraordinary place on earth and why once it enters your heart, it never leaves.

MY TOWN Magazine is much more than just a magazine – the brand extends across platforms to reach an engaged and responsive audience.  Each of MY TOWN Magazine platforms are strong in their own right, the numbers below speak for themselves.  But when platforms are combined with a cross-media advertising plan, MY TOWN Magazine becomes a uniquely powerful and cost-effective vehicle for your brand to engage with an un-duplicated audience of more than 2 million Australian travellers.

MY TOWN Magazine readers are:

Passionate, Active Australia Travellers
89% plan to visit destinations within Australia within the next 2 years
71% plan to visit destinations within Australia within the next 12 months
43% are planning a Australian visit within the next 6 months
63% pre-book recreational activities before they arrive
62% stay on average 7 – 14 days
20% stay on average 12 – 21 days

97% use MY TOWN Magazine as a resource to plan their Australian travel
79% visited an advertisers website
76% saves each issue of MY TOWN Magazine for future reference

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Dan Berryman

0422 240 779

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